Application of Complementary Instructions for School Health Care 05.2005-03.2006




Project duration: April 1, 2005 – March 31, 2006

The project was launched by Tallinn Medical School with the aim to raise the quality of promotion and prevention activities carried out in the frames of school health care; the project is financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.


The aims of the project:
• to decrease the level of alcohol- and drug consumption 2% till the year 2006; and the prevention of diseases caused by it;
• regular trauma analyses are carried out in 50% of the schools till the end of the year 2006;
• to carry out health queries in 50% of the schools to guarantee healthy development of students and discover health disorders earlier.


Expected results:
• the persons offering the service of school health care have been charted; the „State health program for children and adolescents until the year 2005“ as well as the results of health care workers´ questionnaires(carried out by the Estonian Nurses Union) have been analyzed;
• there have been prepared instructions for school health care workers in three spheres: prevention of alcohol- and drug consumption, creation of safe school environment, how to carry out health care questionnaires;
• the instruction has been forwarded to 75% of the providers of school health care services;
• 150 school health care service providers (50%) have passed the 8- hour course for using the instructive materials.


The project manager is Mai Maser ( and the members of the team are Diana Rand, Pille Javed, Marika Kirss, Tiina Juhansoo, Milvi Silland and Maaja Jüris.