Core Components in Occupational Therapy

Core Components in Occupational Therapy
01.10.2005 – 30.09.2006

There are aims in two different levels for the students in Core Components in Occupational Therapy:

First level: The aim of Core Components in Occupational Therapy is that students will become more conscious about possibilities and limits of their own profession. Students will learn in multiprofessional and multicultural environment about occupational therapy, interprofessional team work and cooperation in the field of health care and social services.

Second level: Undergraduate third year occupational therapy students or second circle students will have a possibility to learn and deepen their knowledge of occupational therapy, cooperation and learning- teaching skills by serving as pear- teacher, pear- tutor or pear- assistant as sharing their own knowledge and experiences of occupational therapy and interprofessional team work with students from different professions.

Project partners:
Oulu Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences and Social Services
University of Ljubljana
University of Tartu
Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia
Artevelde Institute for Higher Education
Tallinn Health College

Other partners:
Estonian Occupational Therapy Association
Academical Association of Estonian Occupational Therapists
Finnish Association of Occupational Therapy 

I course "Core Components in Occupational Therapy" took place in Estonia 19.- 28.05.2006 in the volume of 3-5 ECTS.