EAA/Norway Grants Scholarship Programme

EEA/Norway Grants Scholarship Programme


The Scholarship Programme supports two-way mobility of students, academic and administrative staff in higher education (HE) between Estonia and Norway. The total budget for mobility during 2013-2015 is 948 018 euros.

This action is implemented jointly with the Norwegian-Estonian Research Cooperation Programme (RCP). The aim is to encourage higher education institutions to collaborate with research institutes and involve more PhD and Master students in the projects financed by RCP.

Eligible activities

  • Student mobility for studies (both ways)
  • Student mobility for placements (outgoing from Estonia)
  • Student mobility for participation in research projects funded by the Estonian-Norwegian Research Cooperation Programme (both ways).
  • Staff mobility – teaching assignments by academic staff from higher education institutions (both ways) or staff from enterprises (incoming to Estonia)
  • Staff mobility – training for higher education staff (outgoing from Estonia)

Eligible applicants

Estonian higher educational institutions holding an Erasmus University Charter. Individual beneficiaries (students and staff) shall apply via the Estonian HEI.

Who can participate as partners?

The following institutions from Norway can participate in the Scholarship Programme as partners:

  • Higher education institutions holding an Erasmus University Charter
  • Enterprises, social partners and other representatives of labour market
  • Research institutions

Institutions from Norway can cooperate with any number of Estonian higher education institutions with which bilateral agreement has been signed.

Financing principles

The grant for both-way mobility is always managed by the applicant institution. Eligible costs for individual beneficiaries are:

  • Travel and insurance costs
  • Stipend to cover subsistence costs, allocation for study material, tuition fees and conference fees

Priority areas

For student mobility:

  • Degree students mobility participating in research projects supported from the RCP
  • Scandinavian studies, Baltic Sea area studies, specific study fields with very rare/narrow specialization related with the Nordic-Baltic area specifics
  • Languages and cultural studies, cultural heritage
  • Sports education in winter sports
  • Placements in Green energy enterprises
  • Placement for teacher training students

For staff mobility:

  • Teaching assignments for young teachers going abroad for the first time
  • Mobility of any staff member of the university going to other university or enterprise
  • Mobility of any staff member of an enterprise going to a university


Please read further information about application deadlines and procedure from here.

See more at: http://eeagrants.archimedes.ee/en/opiranne/#sthash.a4BFaoEs.dpuf