Evening Light 09-11.2004

1.09.2004 – 31.11.2004

As the proportion of elderly people in the Estonian society is constantly growing, the need for personnel with corresponding professional skills is significantly rising. Knowledge of elderly people physiology and ensurance of their coping with everyday life presumes the existence of care nurses with corresponding education.
In the course of the project EVENING LIGHT (1.09. – 31.11.2004) Tallinn Medical School planned a training visit to Germany, which was carried out between 17.10. – 25.10.2004 in Bonn, Kiel and Preetz, Germany. During the visit the participants got acquainted with the German system of elderly people care, its regulation and financing, the recquirements for stuff working in the elderly people service sphare and their practical training supervisors; conducted comparative analyses of the content of speciality subects in the curricula, participated in practical studies with the aim to follow the use of the theoretical knowledge acquired during the training in practice and the supervision of learners, got to know the documentation regulating the cooperation between educational institution and practical training base and practical organisation of cooperation.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the SA Läänemaa Hospital from Haapsalu, Estonia and Johannes e.v. from Bonn and AWO Bildungszentrum from Preetz, Germany.

The results:
• all the participants got new experiences, knowledge and connections, which can be applied in the further development of professional studies and creation of new projects;
• study materials for teaching ethics and geragogy, which can be used (after translation into the Estonian language) in teaching the corresponding subjects and are the bases for preparation of independent work matrerials;
• documentation, which is used for the improvement of practical training documentation.

Project team in Tallinn Medical School: 
Anne Ehasalu
Tiina Juhansoo 
Marina Kopti

SA Läänemaa Haigla:
Lea Heeringas