HENRE 1.10.2002 – 30.09.2005

The motivation and thus the general aim behind the radiographic network  (HENRE)  is to enable radiographers throughout Europe to develop, harmonize and improve standards of professional practice and education.
The stated aim of a thematic network “to define and develop a European dimension within a given academic discipline or other issues of common interest through co-operation between university faculties or departments, academic or professional associations. Such co-operation should have a lasting and widespread impact across a large range of institutions within or between specific discipline areas”

The attempt to harmonize educational provision within Europe has been a long term-goal of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT). One way to make this is a reality is through the education providers at HE level leading the way and bringing together the Institutions to enable the development and validation of a common primary qualification for radiographers.

Three sub groups have been set up with specific tasks to address. The sub groups are addressing the following themes:
Sub Group 1 The European dimension in radiography education - initial radiography training.
Sub Group 2 Development of learning and teaching methods used in radiographic education including e-learning, active learning and Context/Problem Based Learning (C/PBL) opportunities.
Sub Group 3 Development of Continuing Professional Development in relation to the use of different imaging modalities and role expansion whilst at the same time maintaining a quality service with fewer radiography staff members.

Tallinn Medical School is participating in the work of the Soup Group 2.

The team of Tallinn Medical School:
Tiina Juhansoo
Virve Lillend