Knowledgeable Choice 2008-2009

Project "Knowledgeable Choice"

The project is implemented by the Foundation Knowledgeable Choice, founded in 11.11.2005 by the members of the council of higher education institutions.

The project was initiated by Mainor College in co- operation with the Tallinn College of Engineering, Estonian Maritime Academy, Viljandi Culture Academy, Tallinn Medical School, Tartu Art College and Tartu Aviation College.

The aims of the project:
• The main idea of the joint project of applied higher educational institutions was to give the gymnasium pupils an overview of applied higher education and its content as well as to inform them about offered specialities.
• To encourage young people to prepare themselves for the selection of speciality early enough.
• To improve the reputation and quality of applied higher education.
• To start the development of applied higher education through the co- operation projects between applied higher educational institutions.

Activities in 2008/2009

The first tour took  students  to Saue-, Keila- and Tabasalu Gymnasiums, Tallinn Health College was represented by Aet Taremaa, a second year midwifery student. Promotion activities of Tallinn Health College students are supported by a short movie introducing our college and handbooks with the descriptions of specialities.