LATERNA NORDICA 12.2004-12.2005


                                                                                            LATERNA NORDICA
                                                   Cooperation between education, working life and NGOs in the field of

                                                      care in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Russia and Sweden.
                                                                   1. December 2004 - 30. December 2005


The aim of the NordPlus Neighbour project is to establish a Nordic/Baltic/Russian network in order to improve the cooperation between education, working life and NGOs i.e. between the educational institutions that educate social workers, social helpers, social assistants, nurses etc., the care institutions/centers they educate for and the volunteers´ organizations. The project is coordinated by the Social and Health Care College in Aarhus, Denmark.

To make the education in health care sector as good as possible, contact with working life and NGOs is important because it gives a possibility to exchange the point of views, experiences and inspiration. Input from the working life and NGOs can influence on the work of the educational institution and improve it.

The project aims to bring in focuse and improve the connection/cooperation between education and working life and the work of the NGOs in the field of care of elderly and handicapped people. This will be done by establishing - or developing further- a constructive dialogue between the three spheres of network at a cross- Nordic level in six countries. Even among the Nordic countries there are differences in this field and when it comes to the Baltic states and Russia the differences are even bigger due to historical and political reasons.

The overall aim is that the elderly and handicapped people in six countries should benefit from the development of the cooperation between the above- mentioned partners both at national and cross- Nordic level.


Lyseng 8270 H?jbjerg
Phone: +45 86 27 41 22
Contact person: Grethe Garonfolo


Tallinn Health College
Kännu 67
13418 Tallinn
Phone: +372 6711701
Contact person: Tiina Juhansoo


Tampere Institute of Social and Health Care Studies
Pyynikintie 2
33230 Tampere
Phone: + 358 3 2152111
Contact person: Marjatta Lehtovirta


P. Stradina Health and Social Care College
Vidus Prospekts 36/38
2010 Jurmala
Phone: +371 7752507
Contact person: Ina Zizevska


St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Post- graduate Study
Chair of Nursery and Social Care
Kirochnaya str. 41
St. Petersburg
Phone: +7 812 251 9108
Contact person: Liya Nikitina


Komvux Fritadsskolan
Municipal Adult Education
631 86 Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 16 10 83 23
Contact person: Inger Bülow


NGO- s:

?LDRE Sagen
?rhus Omr?det
Aaboulevarden 49
8000 ?rhus C
Phone: +372 5294897
Contact person: Inger Svinth


Evening Light
Tina 3- 11
10126 Tallinn
Phone: +372 5294897
Contact person: Merike Kravets


The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare
Häme District
Pyhäjärvenkatu 5 B
33200 Tampere
Phone: +358 3 2545400
Contact person: Tiina Lagerstam


NGO Iecava
Disabled Society „Rukitis“’Dzirnavu str. 1
3913 Iecava, Bauskas raj.
Phone: +371 9441205
Contact person: Inta Jurgevica


The Regional Public Foundation for Social Programmes of Handicapped People Support „Nevski Bereg“
Oranienbaumskaya str. 5
St. Petersburg
Phone: +7 812 235 5466
Contact person: Galina Podoprigora


NHR/The Swedish Association of Persons with Neurologically Disabilities
Lokalförening i Södermanland
Klostergatan 3
63343 Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 155 379 02
Contact person: Katarina Gustafsson