LATERNA NORDICA II 10.2006-12.2007



                                                                                  LATERNA NORDICA II
                                                     Cooperation between education, working life and NGOs

                                       in the field of care in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Russia and Sweden
                                                                               01.10.2006 - 31.12.2007


The NordPlus Neighbour project Laterna Nordica II will continue the work started during the first stage of the project already in 2005.

The aim of the project is to establish a Nordic/Baltic/Russian network in order to improve the cooperation between education, working staff and NGOs i.e. cooperation between the educational institutions that educate social workers, social helpers, social assistants, nurses etc., the care institutions/centres educate and the volunteer organizations influence the work of the educational institutions by trying to improve it.

The project aims to bring in focuse and improve the connection/cooperation between education and working life and the work of the NGOs in the field of care of elderly and handicapped people.

Project partners from Estonia:

Tallinn Health College
Kännu 67
13418 Tallinn
Tel.: +372 6711701
Contact person: Tiina Juhansoo, project members Anne Ehasalu, Pirjo Peterson, Eve Kartau.


NGO Evening Light
Tina 3- 11
10126 Tallinn
Tel.: +372 5294897
Contact person: Merike Kravets


Haapsalu Social House
Kastani 7
90508 Haapsalu
Contact person: Kaja Rootare



5.-7.02. 2007. Meeting of the project Laterna Nordica in Jurmala, Latvia.
20.-24.05.2007. Meeting of the project in St. Petersburg, Russia.