Preparatory visit No 2004-1710/001-001/15

PREPARATORY VISIT No 2004-1710/001-001/15
25.08. - 28.08.2005

Preparatory visits of the SOCRATES programme are meant for the preparation of further cooperation in the field of education.Tiina Juhasoo participated in the frames of the preparatory visit No 2004-1710/001-001/15 in the preparatory meeting of the project GRUNDTVIG 4 in Girona, Spain that was the continuation of information exchange, discussions and exchange of ideas that had lasted for almost a year. The meeting was initiated by the representative of Aarhus Social- and Health Care College Jan Gejel.

Education programme SOCRATES is supporting development of Estonian education in several ways, enabling movement of people active in educational  spheres: 

  • participation in international cooperation projects,
  • development of language skills and understanding of other cultures,
  • application of information- and communication technologies,
  • development of cooperation networks to simplify exchange of experiences and knowledge,
  • participation in observation, comparison and analyses of state educational systems and policies in European countries,
  • dissemination of educational practical skills, knowledge and innovation.