Preparatory visit of the project "Modernisation of care workers´ curriculum" 12.2008

In the frames of the preparatory visit of Leonardo da Vinci programme project "Modernisation of care workers´ curriculum" the project idea was introduced by Piret Tamme in Ljubljana, Slovenia (7.- 10.12.2008) to possible partners. 

The aim of the Leonardo da Vinci partnership project  "Modernisation of care workers´ curriculum" is to improve the knowledge and skills of care workers and raise their self-confidence.  

Partners: Slovenia, Netherlands, England, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Estonia.

To achive the aim:

- Curricula of different countries shall be analysed;
- Correction, improvement or elaboration of 4 modules shall be agreed:

  • Communication
  • Care work with of people with special needs 
  • Basics of economics
  • Basics of nursing