REVIMP 10.2005-09.2007

From Review to Improvement in European Vocational Education and Training
Agreement no 2005 NL/05/B/F/PP/157527
01.10.2005 - 30.09.2007

The project aims at systematically acquiring detailed knowledge on the factors that are decisive for the successful execution of the review stage within quality assurance systems at the level of European VET- providers for the health care sector.

The second project aim is to design the guidelines for the review stage in close cooperation with practicioners and stakeholders from European VET for the health care sector as well as with the Technical Working Group  "Quality in VET", and with those institutions that train VET- practitioners. 

The third goal involves the broad dissemination of the guidelines among various target goups: providers of VET for the health care sector, the Technical Working Group  "Quality in VET", and institutes for training VET- providers.

Participant from Tallinn Health College is Ulvi Kõrgemaa.