SAGE 08.2006-07.2008

enior Citizens PArticipate in CreatinG their FuturE
Project AT/06/B/PP-158.335
01.08.2006 - 31.07.2008

There will be more people over 50 in the future, who want to keep working- and the governments also want them to keep working.The development of relevant job oppertunities for these people will only be successful, if they are involved in the development themselves. The project SAGE goals are :

  • Development of a European training model for PIF´s (participation and involvement facilitators)
  • Raising awareness among decision makers about active citizenship
  • Improvement of the employment opporturnities and employability of unemployed and job seeking people over 50 in the service sector 

Information leaflet 1

Information leaflet 2

Partners:   estonia flag       

Wolkshilfe Steiermark, Austria
Land Steiermark, Austria
Syndesmos Ekpedefsis Enilikon, Cypros
Institut für Projektbegleitung, Austria
Socia- og sundhedsskolen Aarhus, Denmark
Tallinn Health College, Estonia
Esprial entitat de serveis, Spain
TREBAG Vagyon- es Projektmenedzser, Hungary

Tallinn Health College team:
Tiina Juhansoo
Merike Kravets
Anne Ehasalu
Eve Kartau
Mai Kull

11. - 14.10.2006. 1st project meeting in Gratz, Austria. From Tallinn Health College participated Tiina Juhansoo.

7. - 11.02.07. 2nd project meeting in Girona, Spain. From Tallinn Health College participated Anne Ehasalu.

23. - 24.08.2007. 3rd meeting in Tallinn, Estonia.

1.-5.03.2008. Project SAGE meeting in Larnaka, Cypros. Participants: Anne Ehasalu, Merike Kravets.
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15.- 19.06.2008. Meeting of the Leonardo da Vinci programme project  SAGE in Cornwall. Participants: Tiina Juhansoo and Anne Ehasalu.