SECURITAS MARE 12.2002-06.2005

 Agreement No. 2002 S/02/B/F/PP-127010

 31.12.2002 - 30.06.2005
Two Estonian educational institutions – Estonian Maritime Academy and Tallinn Medical School are participating in the international project named SECURITAS MARE. SECURITAS MARE is a research and development project objecting to improve the skills and competencies of sea and land based personnel for Crisis and Emergency Management in connection with sea casualties. In addition to Tallinn Medical School and Estonian Maritime Academy 12 partners from different European countries started to co-operate in the project Securitas Mare, which is coordinated by Kalmar Maritime Academy in Sweden, on 31 December 2002 and will be working for two and a half years.

The aim of SECURITAS MARE is to increase understanding and readiness for crisis management in a multinational and mulitprofessional perspective. The problem has become especially actual during the last years for increasing extensive natural catastrophes and international terrorism.

Main objectives:
• Enhance understanding and readiness for crisis management
• Provide qualified and equal training in crisis management
• Expand the group of persons given this particular type of training, including administrative staff from shipping companies
• Improve the understanding of the need for crisis management as a compulsory study unit of the maritime education programmes in Europe, as well as providing elective study units for students in the professional groups
• Survey and evaluate teaching materials, as well as to make it available
• Lay the foundations for applied research and development activities within higher education in Europe



The project team of Tallinn Medical School:
Tiina Juhansoo
Saima Hinno (till 31.12.2003)
Ülla Porgassaar
Erik Veleramm
Ulvi Kõrgema

Additional information:

The information about the project and the material prepared in the course of the project are in Tallinn Medical School´s library on open shelves.