TENN 1.10.2002 – 30.09.2005

(1.10.2002 – 30.09.2005)

The project seeks to develop a thematic network within Europe to promote excellence in nursing.

The objectives of the project are:
• to reach a shared understanding of terminology to mentorship, clinical supervision and leadership
• to investigate problems relating to the international mobility of nursing professionals and students
• to develop common standards of practice for nurse practitioners, mentors and clinical supervisors
• to promote leadership skills among the nursing community
• to facilitate development of the nurse practitioner role in Europe

The importance of this work is to enable transference of nursing knowledge and skills across different countries in Europe. This will facilitate free movement of both qualified nurses and those still undergoing education and thus help to promote sharing of knowledge and practice, enhancement of quality care and address nursing shortfalls.
The project is financed by The European Commission and coordinated by the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the department of foreign affairs of St. Martin´s College.

To achieve the purpose three key subgroups have been formed :
• nurse practitioner
• clinical supervisor and mentorship
• clinical leadership

Currently more than 40 countries have joined the network. Tallinn Medical School is participating in the work of the second subgroup- supervision and mentorship.

The team of Tallinn Medical School:
Tiina Juhansoo
Saima Hinno
Marika Asberg
Marina Kopti
Eha Hõrrak
Ulvi Kõrgemaa
Elina Reva