The Academic regulations of studies at Tallinn Health College

The Academic Regulations are based on the following: Higher Education Act, Vocational Educational Institutions Act, the Statutes of Tallinn Health Care College.

Compliance with the Academic Regulations is mandatory for the entire membership of the College (students, academic and non-academic staffs), regardless of the status of a learner, or the form of any contract that establishes a basis for execution of duties of the staff.

Students matriculated at the College shall be entered in the register of the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS).

The academic year of the College starts on a Monday closest to 1 September and lasts for 40 academic weeks according to the academic calendar. The academic year is preceded and followed by a period of two academic weeks that are to make up for insufficient academic progress. During these preceding and following weeks, educational activities may be conducted according to a plan prepared by the corresponding structural unit.

Educational activities for achieving learning outcomes conducted in the form of lectures, seminars, training sessions, laboratory work, individual classes or educational activities determined in another manner aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills. Contact-based learning takes place in a learning environment (including e-learning), where both a student and a member of the teaching staff participate.

Academic Regulations