Improved training modules and new opportunities for care workers 08.2009-07.2011

Nr. 2009-1-EE1-LEO04-00514 1 
1.08.2009 - 31.07.2011

The Leonardo da Vinci programme project "Improved training modules and new opportunities for care workers" is aimed at improving the qualification of care workers in each participating country  and making the qualifications in partner countries more transparent and comparable.  

Care workers from nursing homes and hospitals work with disabled and elderly people who are more vulnerable in most of the aspects of life than the rest of the population. Therefore the high quality of the education of care workers, corresponding to the requirements of 21st century, is especially important. However, care workers (nurse assistants) are often not so well prepared; and they lack skills and knowledge for the work with disabled and elderly people. Especially problematic in the education of care workers are social and basic competences.

To raise the qualification and self esteem of care workers partners have agreed to share their best practice in the preparation of care workers; coordinate, adjust and improve the three modules of care workers curricula; prepare better modules including e-learning study objects and train the staff.

Project coordinator: Tallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkool, Estonia
Contact person: Piret Tamme, e-mail

Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool  (a silent partner), Estonia
pro mente OÖ, Austria
Escola Superior de Saude - Institutio Politecnico de Setubal, Portugal
Lar de Idosos - SAMS - AZEITAO,  (a silent partner), Portugal
Irmandade Santa Casa da Misericordio do Barreiro,  (a silent partner), Portugal
LATI (a silent partner), Portugal
Area de Gestao da Formacao (AGF) - Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central EPE (CHLC) (a silent partner), Portugal
Ozara Slovenija Nacionalno združenje za kakovost živlenja, Slovenia

9.-12.11.2009. Meeting of the Leonardo da Vinci cooperation project  "Improved training modules and new opportunities for care workers" in Maribor, Slovenia. Participants: Ulvi Kõrgemaa, Merike Kravets, Piret Tamme.
10.-14.05.2010. Study visit  in the frames of Leonardo da Vinci cooperation project "Improved training modules and new opportunities for care workers"  to Setubal, Portugal. Participants:  Ulvi Kõrgemaa, Piret Tamme, Merike Kravets and care-worker speciality students Sirje Agukas, Merike Tilk, Ursi Joost, Ingrit Ellermaa, Ester Ehala, Endla Kõrgesaar, Ljubov Kirillova.

31.01.-4.02.2011. Piret Tamme, Merike Kravets ja Argo Ilves participate in a work meeting of Leonardo da Vinci project „Improved training modules and new opportunities for care workers“ in Linz, Austria. In the framework of the same project, care-worker students Kersti Vasli, Galina Kallasmaa, Rita-Dagmar Habermann, Thea Filippov, Aime Kallikorm, Jelena Sinjova and Silja Orav will participate on a study-visit in Linz.