Student Hostel

Address: Nõmme tee 49, Tallinn, Estonia

The student hostel of the Tallinn Health Care College provides accommodation only for exchange students of Tallinn Health Care College. The student home of Tallinn Health Care College is situated near the school main building - it takes about 15 minutes of slow walk to get to school from the student home. It is also situated quite close to the city centre. Student hostel can accommodate up to 200 students and rooms are for 2 or 3 people. Single rooms are not available. On each floor there is a kitchen, shower and toilet. If needed, it is also possible to use a washing machine or tumble dryer. Bedsheets, blankets, pots, pans, tableware and other household items are available on spot.

  • How to get here?

Coming from the bus station
Our student hostel is located by the bus stop "Räägu" of the bus line 17 and 17 A. Fur further information about public transportation in Tallinn, maps and a route planner, please see:

Coming from the airport
Take a bus 2 in front of the airport (you can buy the ticket from the R-kiosk at the airport or from the bus driver) to the bus stop "Autobussijaam", walk to the Tallinn Bus Station and take bus 17 to bus stop "Räägu". If you come by taxi, note that you can choose any taxi in the line. Before sitting in, read about the price from the information sheet on the taxi window. You can also ask about the approximate cost of the ride before sitting in the taxi. The price should be around or under 10 euros. You have the right to ask for a receipt from the driver. If the driver fails to provide you with a receipt, you are allowed not to pay for the ride.

  • Internet

Student hostel has a computer class and free Wi-Fi named TTK-YE which requires a password - you can find the password on the info stand of the student home. For technical support please turn to our IT-specialists (Andrei Pugatšov - or Mikhail Bendera -

  • Prices

For students
A place in a room for three people - 65 eur per month, 35 eur per half a month
A place in a room for two people - 80 eur per month, 40 eur per half a month

In case there are enough free places, you can stay alone in a room for three people. In this case the price for you is 150 eur per month. If there are two people living in a room for three people, the cost per person is 75 eur per month.
There is one appartment for incoming students consisting of a room for 2 people, a room for 3 people, kitchen, a shower and toilet together. If you stay in a room for two in the apartment system, the cost will be 100 eur per person per month. If you stay for half a month, the cost is 50 eur. The room for 3 people costs 210 eur, so the price per person is 70 eur per month.

For guests
A place for one night in a room for three people - 10 eur
Night in a room for two people - 25 eur
Week in a room for two people - 40 eur

A longer period for stay is possible, if a vacant room/place is available.  

Other costs
Deposit for the key card - 10 eur (you will pay on spot)
In case you lose your key card, the price of a duplicate is 10 eur
Using the washing machine and the tumble dryer - 2 eur per time
Using the dryer - 1 eur per time
Using the iron - 1 eur per time

  • Booking a place or a room

Please fill in the application form HERE. We will then book a place for you. There is no deposit for rent or paperwork you would need to fill in prior to your arrival. You can pay your rent for the current month to the manager or the administrator in cash on spot when you arrive. You will receive a receipt. Next month you will receive an invoice, pay the rent in cash and receive a receipt.
Please inform us if you decide not to stay at the student hostel! As the places in our student home are limited and living in a private flat is significantly more expensive, we recommend for you to book your accommodation as early as possible!

If you wish to change the dates of your accommodation period or cancel your booking, please write a respective letter to the manager of the student hostel,  Ms Monika Alasoo (

  • Alternative options

If you do not wish to stay at the student home of the Tallinn Health Care College, you might consider Academic Hostel. Please find further information here! In this case contact the Academic hostel directly at or by calling +372 620 227.
Just inform us, that you do not need a place at our student home!

If you would like to stay at a private flat, Jennifer Einbach is happy to help you with the process. Please contact her at

   Office hours:

Monday, Wednesday 08.00-11.00 am
Tuesday, Thursday 08.00-11.00 am and 15.00-18.00 pm
Friday 08.00 am-12.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday - closed

Additional information:

  • Monika Alasoo

    Monika Alasoo

    Manager of the Student Hostel

    • +372 6 552 675 / +372 5 854 6300
    • Üliõpilaskodu