PHARLEMA 10.2011-09.2013



 “Learning Materials for Pharmaceutical Assistants and Technicians' Foreign Work Placements“

   Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project 2011–2013 

The duration of project is 24 months, 1.10.2011-30.09.2013

Aim of the project: to improve the quality and efficiency of the preparation process for the practical training period abroad of students of the curriculum of assistant pharmacist by producing country-specific preparatory learning material packages (i.e handbooks) as final products of the project.

All materials are free for downloading and printing without username and password! 

Project partners

Helsinki City College of Social and Health Care,

Helsinki, Finland
Mrs. Kirsi Rosenqvist
Mrs. Asta Lehtinen
Mr. Matti Remsu




Kellebeek College,
Etten-Leur & Roosendaal, The Netherlands
Mrs. Angela Deelen
Mrs. Gerda van der Meer


Tallinn Health Care College,
Tallinn, Estonia
Mr. Alar Sepp
Mrs. Merle Kiloman


Birmingham Metropolitan College,
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Mrs. Karen Socci
Mrs. Deborah Cooper
Mrs. Sue Woodward



St. John’s Central College,
Cork, Ireland
Mrs. Majella O´Driscoll
Mrs. Sarah Magner


Srednja šola za farmacijo, kozmetiko in zdravstvo, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mrs. Katarina Vrhovnik
Mrs. Ljubica Gabrovsek
Mrs. Vanda Trdan


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Copyright is the property of all partnership colleges represented by Helsinki Vocational College, Welfare Sector.

Materials are free of downloading, printing, utilising and disseminating to any interested individuals and organisations. Altering of the materials is prohibited without permission from the partnership group represented by Helsinki Vocational College, Welfare Sector, Education Department, City of Helsinki, Finland.


Project partners:
Helsinki City College of Social and Health Care, FI
Kellebeek College, NL
Tallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkool, EE
Srednja šola ze farmacijo, kozmetiko in zdravstvo, SL
Birmingham Metropolitan College, UK
St. John’s Central College, IE

Representatives of Tallinn Health Care College in the project: Alar Sepp, Merle Kiloman.

The opening meeting of project "Learning Materials for Pharmaceutical Assistants' and Technicians' Foreign Work Placements" (PHARLEMA - 2011-1-F11-LEO05-06161) took place on 24-30.11.2011 in Ljubljana Srednja sola za farmacijo’s, Slovenia. With this meeting, the project was officially launched, the roles and responsibility of participants were specified, and the schedule was set for years 2011-2013; the structure of the project’s final product – handbook – and the types of project reports were also under discussion.

Participants of PHARLEMA opening meeting:

Kirsi Rosenqvist
Asta Lehtinen
Matti Remsu (project manager)


Angela Deelen
Gerda van der Meer


United Kingdom:
Anna Green
Deborah Cooper
Karen Socci


Majella O'Driscoll
Sarah Magner


Ljubica Gabrovsek
Katarina Vrhovnik
Vanda Trdan


Merle Kiloman
Alar Sepp 



24.–29.11.2011 lecturers Alar Sepp and Merle Kiloman from the Chair of Pharmacy participate in the work meeting of the project 2011-1-F11-LEO05-06161 „Learning Materials for Pharmaceutical Assistsants’ and Technicians’ Foreign Work Placements“ (PHARLEMA) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

8.11.2012–13.11.2012 lecturers of the Chair of Pharmacy Alar Sepp and Merle Kiloman participate in the work meeting of the project 2011-1-F11-LEO05-06161 "Learning Materials for Pharmaceutical Assistants’ and Technicians’ Foreign Work Placements" (PHARLEMA) at the St John’s Central College in Cork, Ireland. The goal of the meeting is to discuss the outcomes of the project, solve problems connected to presenting the project reports, address questions regarding the international student exchange and to solve the possible hindrances concerning the editing of the handbook, which is the final product of the project.